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Lori Lopes

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For West Ward 2 Councillor, Whitby

Why I'm Running

Hi, I'm Lori and I am running for West Ward 2, Whitby because I believe in municipal government as the first point of contact for all residents.  I know how hard the last few years have been. As a frontline healthcare worker  I have seen the divisions this pandemic has caused.  As a municipal councillor I want to bring people together, engage those who feel their voice doesn’t matter and make life in Whitby better for all residents.

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As a frontline healthcare worker, whether it’s in hospital or in your home, I have spent my entire adult life working both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary health team.

I am trained to listen - really listen and trained to observe the not so obvious.

I am an advocate for those that need one and those who may not realize they need one.

Being a healthcare worker I have learned how to work with minimal due to scarce healthcare dollars, triaging and assessing most important to least important. Sometimes what is most important to some may not be what is important to others and I have learned how to compromise, reorganize and communicate effectively so everyone is happy.

Being trained to assess, diagnose, plan, implement and evaluate comes naturally and would work very well in municipal politics.

Assess - what is the problem, what is the issue at hand and what are people saying is their issue?

Diagnose - what is the cause of the problem, the root of the issue, what is needed to fix it?

Plan - implement a plan of action, easy asks and tasks to more difficult to achieve

Implement - start the plan step by step

Evaluate - always evaluating if what the original assessment, problem, plan are still true, is it effective, are things improving or worsening. Evaluation is always key.


I am a lifelong resident of Whitby/Durham. Whitby is home.

If elected as the west ward candidate, I would work hard for every resident.

Contact me anytime!

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