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Lori Lopes

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For West Ward 2 Councillor, Whitby



Stop Sprawl Durham
Canadian PSW Network
Climate Justice Durham
The Ontario Health Coalition - Durham Region

I went to school when Bob Rae was premier. Graduated when Mike Harris was elected. First job was private homecare for palliative child.

Career trajectory

Long term care in a for profit nursing home

Palliative/oncology unit

Medical unit

ICU over 10 years

Cardiac day surgery 4 years

Preadmission, day surgery, PACU over 5 years

Redeployed to ER twice for covid and covid assessment areas

Home care

Labour roles with union - 3 years


Yearly first aid

ACLS every 2 years

ASL level 1 and 2

Palliative courses



Critical care

Forensic- sexual assault nurse examiner

Diabetes educator

Labour Studies

Workplace health and safety certificate, professional practice, grievances, courses at McMaster for labour studies certificate

Various online certifications for different courses/seminars over the years - too many to list.

Some Accomplishments so far:

Initiated 3 committees within the hospital

1. Political action committee

2. Human rights and equity committee

3. Professional practice committee, 

grievance chair,

Board member union local Site rep,

VP and president roles

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